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Tips to Make Your Honeymoon Memorable

Honeymoon period is often accounted as the sweetest period of marriage life, the time a newlywed couple get to know each other taking their first steps in the marital bond. Setting aside all the boundaries of language, culture and geography mostly all communities have a custom of honeymooning in newlyweds, some choose not to go for a honeymoon which is fine but if you have a chance for a honeymoon after your wedding never miss it for the world.

The word honeymoon proclaims the tradition of newlyweds taking a vacation right after the wedding will bring the two individuals closer together as a couple. These are the basics to consider while planning the honeymoon. Share this to your life partner or would be life partner and plan these memorable days of your life in unison.


The first and the most important thing about making a memorable honeymoon are to make sure the both of you are the only people in this trip. Avoid interruptions from the outside world- work, family and friends can wait these days; honeymoon period will be the time where you solidify your marriage so enjoy the time of both of your lives to the most.

Minimize the use of cell phones, internet, television or any other things that you usually do to spend the free time and give every bit of care for your partner. The greatest gift you can give your partner is time because when you give time you are sharing a part of your life which you can never get back, this is why having privacy in honeymoon is the most essential part.


Choose your honeymoon destination considering both of your tastes, talk to each other openly about the kind of places you’d like to spend time. Keep in mind the honeymoon destination should not have many distractions, choose a place that is close to nature and avoid crowded locations. Honeymoon is the time where you establish the love in the relationship, share the intimacy and rekindle the bond as a married couple.

Choose the destination by proper research keeping your partners preferences in mind, or check with your partner about the places in your mind and make sure your partner is excited about your choice. Try to choose the destination at the early stages along with the wedding planning, try not to get anyone else involved and this might be the first decision you’ll get to live as a married couple keep it lovable for both of you.


Honeymoon is about romance and love but when it comes to planning the perfect trip this might flip and become an experience of hastiness and tension. Choose the right travel partner for your honeymoon; this will ease your pressure of planning. The perfect travel partner with ample experience will guide you to treasure this once in a life time experience. Many travel partners have honeymoon biased packages which will make it easy for you to choose from. It is not necessary to choose travel partners only for foreign destinations, popular honeymoon destinations in your country can be explored with the help of a travel partner.

There are many features to be considered while choosing the travel partner, make sure the agency has experience in handling honeymoon tours and have a range of honeymoon packages to choose from. Consult their office by phone or in person and check their online reviews.

Considering these factors it will be easy to choose the travel partner for your honeymoon, but try to have an idea about the destination thus you can focus on travel agencies around that region. For example, if you are choosing Kerala as your honeymoon destination then keralahoneymoons would be a perfect travel partner for you. Similarly have a location in your mind and search for travel agencies around that location, this will make this task simpler for you.


Honeymoon is not about just the destination, it is not a matter if you are not going to some place fancy honeymoon is about you and your partner and the time you spend together. Make sure that you add these couple activities in your honeymoon plans and this is what makes it all worth. Spend the best phase in your life dwelling in each other’s presence and leap in faith hoping an eternity of togetherness.


Without a doubt these are the most beautiful time in a day, what could be more amazing than spending it with the love of your life. Watching a sunrise will give you a sense of a dawn in your lives too, a new beginning to look forward. The glimmer of the sun will bring the sweetest smiles in your faces, watching the glowing faces and sparkling hair of your partner in this sunshine will be a sight to behold for the rest of your lives. Sunsets can give the picturesque frame in twilight of both of you enjoying each other’s company and spending time in the dusk seeing the different shades of sky reflecting in your partner’s eyes or in the sparkly smiles.


Dining out in a private setting, just the two of you for a classy dinner with everything fancy be it champagne, wine, private band and a dance. Dining in such an atmosphere will definitely bring you closer as a couple reviving your marital bond, or plan this as a surprise for your partner for making it even more special anyone would love to have a dinner in a candle lit table with their favourite food and music playing in background with their soul mate, their life partner. Have a romantic private dinner for both of you and make each other feel on top of the world by these gestures.


Your wedding must have cost you a big deal of money, but try to get something for your life partner to gift them on honeymoon. It need not be too expensive but make sure it is something which you give them out of pure love and that alone will make them happy. You could buy things from your honeymoon destination which would make your partner happy, let it be a simple flower but these gestures from your part will assure them the love and care you have for the better half of your life.


Yes, this is the time where you appreciate the fact that you enjoy this person’s company even when there is nothing else to do or no one else other than you and your partner. Along with activities which can excite the honeymoon, spending time dwelling in your partner’s company can be the most exciting part of your honeymoon. Enjoy each other’s company detached from all the connections from external world.


Your honeymoon need not be just visiting famous places and understanding the culture of the region you are visiting, this time is for you and your partner who wants to establish a new comfort level as husband and wife for this find time doing the silliest things which is not pre-planned.

Be spontaneous, dive in for a new adventure or get into a pillow fight out of nowhere. Jump in the pool while you are tired from the whole day, this is about you and your partner there is no need to follow the guidelines here, there is no one to control your actions and as long as it is safe just go for it. This spontaneity in activities will make your honeymoon to last long even after the actual honeymoon phase, it need not be just the one month period after wedding it could last a lifetime if you savour the pleasure and sheer joy you both shared in these initial stages of your married life.


If you are in a beautiful place along with the most beautiful soul you have met, isn’t it obvious to capture these moments in a camera. Take lot many pictures no matter how annoying you might think others will get, ask them to take your pictures and pose for each other for silly pictures all the way of your honeymoon days.

At the twilight of your life or when both of you get into a fight, these living memories will show you how much fun you had and the beauty of the love you shared. So take pictures, it need not have the perfect lighting or composure but make sure it is filled with joy and love.


Take some time off from each other and be on your own silently doing something you do every day, be it reading your favourite book or praying. Find some time to yourself too and enjoy the rest of the time with each other partying or having fun like you never had before.


Maybe this will be your first movie as a married couple, choose a sweet movie and enjoy this experience. You’ll get to do a lot of first things as married couple and this will definitely one to remember by in later years. Remember that this is the time which happens once in a lifetime, go with the flow choose the right destination and travel partner, share your requirements with them it is their job to get you the things you need in the time you have got. Happy Honeymoon!

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Tips to Make Your Honeymoon Memorable
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