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6 Mesmerizing Locations in Kerala Not Yet Explored

Just imagine yourself sitting on top of a huge mountain, from where you can see the picturesque scenery, unfolding right under your eyes and in the very next moment, you put your mind in a place, where you are sitting comfortably in a houseboat! Here you are greeted by melodious chirping sounds and are entertained by a cool breeze emanating from lush green trees from either side of the backwaters. How good does that sound? Awesome, isn’t it? Well, this is Kerala for you, God’s Own Country.

Kerala has a lot of beauty hidden in it to surprise you. There are many unexplored locations in this coconut state that we generally miss while packing our bags for Kerala. Here is the list of few less explored places, which will inevitably mesmerize you with their graceful beauty.

1. Muzhappilangad Beach

If you haven’t tried riding your car on the shores of the blue waters, then this is the best place for you to experience that feeling. Muzhappilangad is the unique drive-in beach in this coastal state and perhaps in our country too! In fact, this is the largest drive-in beach in Asia. You will feel immense pleasure while driving the 5 km distance along the shore with slashing waves. It is merely about 15 km away from Kannur town. For young guys, this place will raise their adrenaline as they raise their vehicle speeds.

In addition to this breathtaking experience, this place also gifts you a pleasant walk in Dharmadam, a small private island, located just 200 m south of the beach. After enjoying the thrill in conquering the shores on your vehicle, you can calm yourself with a walk in this little beauty.

2. Chempara Peak Trekking

One of the most popular offbeat places in Kerala is the Chempara Peak trekking. Usually, people think of waterfalls and backwaters in Kerala but this peak proves you wrong. This gorgeous beauty is just 8 km south of Kalpetta town. This is the tallest peak in Wayanad and a special part of the giant Western Ghats. You have to walk a lot to explore this mesmerizing place as the only way you can reach there is by trekking.

You need to get permission from forest authorities before you start your expedition to this peak. In the middle of the trekking path, the peak expresses its love for you by greeting you with a heart shaped lake. The whole walk is pretty fascinating and quite explorative. You can hire the trekking gear from the nearby forest office, Meppady.

3. Nellaimpathi

nelliyampathiby Ashwin Kumar

This place is the cute baby of the Western Ghats. It gives an impression as if this place is cradled in the midst of the mighty mountains. Nellaimpathi is also popularly known as “Poor Man’s Ooty” as it almost mimics the climate and beauty of Ooty. While this place covers itself with the green coat of tea plantation, the white clouds add beauty to this memorable place. The tropical forest surrounding this place is truly awesome.

It is just 60 km away from Palakkad district, Kerala. This majestic beauty happens to be the southernmost tip of the Palakkad gap. It is perfectly placed at an elevation of 1585 meters above the sea level. This place will certainly make you disbelieve your eyes, such is its grace! The solitary route to this place is through the Nemmara Town, Palakkad.

4. Ponmudi

Standing on top of the list of peaks to be visited in Kerala, Ponmudi, also popularly known as The Golden Peak, is the best in the business to be visited for trekking lovers. This place is the best hill station that Kerala offers you to visit. The peak is located in Trivandrum district at a huge altitude of 1100 meters above the sea level. Get ready to be enthralled by the gorgeousness of the place. The undisturbed nature of the location fills you with a sense of completeness.

Travelling through the narrow roads of the mountain is adventurous as well as breathtaking. There are nearly 22 hairpin curves that will test the strength of your heart for a while. The sceneries along the way are worth capturing in your heart’s camera. The aerial view of the whole valley gives you a feeling as if the mountains are at your feet. The whole experience will be truly amazing.

5. Vagamon

vagamonPaul Varuni,

Vagamon is truly a paradise for nature lovers. It is a hill station present on the Kottayam-Idukki border of Kerala. The climate here is very pleasant. The temperature ranges between 10-23 Celsius, that too in the midst of the summer noon. It has an array of endless greenery. This place seems to be a perfect tourist spot located at a height of 1200 meters above the sea level. You can feel the voice of the wind in your ears at this spot.

The journey to this place is even more mesmerizing. Vagamon is blended with beautiful waterfalls, tiny cliffs, hillocks, valleys and zigzag roads. You can test your taste for the adventure with trekking, paragliding, and rock climbing. The experience is a true bliss.

The journey to this place is even more mesmerizing. Vagamon is blended with beautiful waterfalls, tiny cliffs, hillocks, valleys and zigzag roads. You can test your taste for the adventure with trekking, paragliding, and rock climbing. The experience is a true bliss.

6. Lakkidi

Lakkidi is the place that welcomes you to Wayanad district. It has placed itself at the tip of the snake-like Thamarssery Ghat pass. This place has a lot of spots to be visited. Muthanga wildlife sanctuary is the most visited place in Lakkidi and is an integral part of Nilgiri biosphere reserve. You can glance at the rich diversity of the western ghats here.

There are many nearby tourist spots within the range of 10 km from Lakkidi. Temples and local festivals are very famous and well renowned all over the country. You cannot miss the beauty of this spot since it gives you many memories to cherish.

The fog drops on the plants gleam like diamonds at early sunrise, the evening backwaters bring you peace. Maybe this is the reason it is The God’s own country. Hitting the unexplored places of Kerala is filled with fun, adventure, memories and most of all immense pleasure.

6 Mesmerizing Locations in Kerala Not Yet Explored
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