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Babymoon in Kerala

Ever heard of a Babymoon? Babymoon is a much needed time off from all the changes that are happening around you both as you are going to welcome the third person to your family.

Baby moon Kerala Tips and destinations

Not all couples may enjoy babymoon depending upon their health status, things are definitely going to change after your baby is born. So why not take time off from everything and celebrate your last few days of freedom as a couple, also to make up your mind for welcoming the tiny new addition to your family.


The first and utmost priority for this trip is that the mother and baby stay healthy and safe from any unpredictable dangers. Pregnancy is the time where one can extremely be prone to catching infectious diseases, make sure your physician is informed about the trip and get thorough instructions to follow from him. Stick to these instructions, there needs to be extreme cautiousness about the food and accommodation for babymoon. Food needs to be one hundred percent hygienic and the place where you stay must have either a physician or a hospital nearby. Make sure you get all the medications and essentials with you while taking off for this trip.

Celebrate your Babymoon in kerala

It is really fun to have no plans and take off with your partner all of a sudden, most probably you must have had experiences in doing so. Babymoon vacationing needs extreme care and a sound plan, stick on to it but no need to be too controlled and lose all the fun. Let the reality of that new addition make you both s bit nervous and fall into each other’s comfort.


While taking off for babymoon, keep in your mind to reduce the travel time since during the time pregnancy it is essential to keep the blood flow circulated around the body. Consult your physician for details about travelling plans and if you are flying check in with airlines to see the regulations for a pregnant woman to fly. Try to get a car or some mode of safe transport while travelling along your babymoon destination, this will help you in case any emergency shows up.

Babymoon destinations in Kerala


Babymoon should be the time where you do things that are fun but at the same time, make sure the baby and mother is safe. Consult your physician and explain all the activities you might do in this trip. Only consider doing the things the physician approve of and try not to be too adventurous, the best time for Babymoon is the second trimester, the period between week 13 and week 28 during the 4th, 5th and 6th months of pregnancy. This is the perfect time for a babymoon because the initial pregnancy sickness will be all gone and you shall get to enjoy the time before the belly gets too big for your activities.


This is up to the both of you, think where would you want to spend the last few days as a couple expecting their first child, which is safe and at the same time fun. Being the one who is carrying the baby, let the mother decide where to go for this special getaway. Beaches are very ideal for enjoying a babymoon, strolling in the beach and all those good minerals with the glazing sun and rejuvenating sea could only bring out the best beautiful feelings from

Babymoon in Kerala beaches

Hill stations are another amusing destination for the perfect Babymoon, before making up a decision on the perfect hill station. Hill station should not be too high and if the hills are too high and have low oxygen content. You could enjoy great times at the hill valleys where the weather will be perfect and many resorts will be located around these regions.


Here’s why Kerala is best for a Babymoon, it is a known fact that Kerala is a paradise for honeymooners and travellers across the world find this place to be a hub for dwelling in the calm, serene and peaceful natural atmosphere. Babymooners can definitely enjoy the time here in Kerala, since the climate is very friendly not too irritating for the soon mother-to-be and the destinations are astounding, they make the perfect locale for those peaceful days.

Munnar, a beautiful hill station in Kerala have that spectacular twist of wildlife and plantation towns blended to form a unique experience for the travellers. Munnar can be extremely suitable for your babymoon destination since the hills are not really steep, the roads are broader and safer. Also the town has all the amenities for any emergency.

Babymoon at Kerala Resorts

Since Kerala is renowned for the best health care system and excellent physicians it wouldn’t be hard for you to find a good doctor or health care amenities. Thekkady which is near to Munnar is also a desirable location for babymoon, the place is near to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. Major activity to do in Thekkady would be boating and watching the wildlife up close. This trip would be a mix of adventure, fun and safe all at the same time because the regulations are highly safe, this place is a tourist destination for ages since it can be extremely efficient for your time and money.

Wayanad is another place for the babymoon bliss, the place has lots to offer from tree houses to natural islands. Boating is a really interesting activity that a couple can enjoy in Wayanad, choose the medium boats for the speedboats for a safer ride to avoid that dizziness. Wayanad offers an array of beautiful hills and valleys, dams and rivers, islands and resorts for your absolute pleasure.

Babymoon in Kerala houseboat

Houseboats of Alleppey and Kumarakom can be the popular and our prime suggestion for your babymoon in Kerala. House-boating in the Vembanad Lake is one of the major activities to do in Kerala. Kerala holidays were featured in top 50 of Nat Geo magazine’s millennium edition and the kettuvalloms or houseboats were the primary feature in it. Houseboats are extremely safe and they have all the amenities, if you are feeling healthy and your physician approve to stay the night out since that is the time where it gets magical.

Beaches are other major destinations for Babymooners in Kerala, with 600kms of coastal line Kerala is blessed with stunning beaches. Kovalam Beach and the neighbour beaches of Kovalam in the capital city Trivandrum can be extremely desirable for a babymoon in Kerala. Varkala Beach situated close to Trivandrum is another perfect spot for your babymoon. This place has the only beach side cliffs in the state and is a major tourist attraction for the red hills and mesmerizing beach.


It is always safer for you to hire a travel agent, since this is your babymoon you do not want to risk anything regarding the travel plans and accommodation. A best tour operator who has ample experience in the field can help you enjoy the trip and give you quality of service for your valuable time and money.

Green Hope Tourism has 10 years of experience in planning and successfully executing hundreds of trips to Kerala. Our team can help you and your partner have the best time in Kerala, the Paradise on Earth where the nature will be the host. Our Kerala Holidays packages will give you broader idea about all the different activities and destinations that Kerala offers. If you are ready to share this most important time of your life here in Kerala, then contact us at Green Hope Tourism and we can discuss and plan this trip relishing the glorious joy of the new addition in your family.

Babymoon in Kerala
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