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Kerala, God’s Own Country – The Land of Beauty and Wonders !!!

Located at the southernmost region of India, Kerala is truly a marvelous place to visit or live in.

The title ‘God’s Own Country’ isn’t an overstatement at all!

Why should you visit Kerala and What so Unique?

Read onto find out what’s so magical about this part of the world and what you can’t afford to miss.

The Culture, The People, and The Food!

Thrissur Pooram Kerala Festival Photos

Every traveler has his own niche, the places he chooses depends on them.

Kerala is a marvelous place by all means.

If you love to learn about Culture, Heritage and hundreds of years of history, The God’s Own Country has them all.

Traditions are always a part of the people here. Most of what existed a hundred years ago, still exists now. It’s the beauty of the people live here. The modern cities sport a traditional backbone which is quite rare elsewhere.

Most of the traditional and legendary art forms are still widely practiced and performed. If you are an art lover, get ready to be mesmerized.

The people are warm hearted and travelers always feel home. No wonder more people prefer home-stay year after year.

The food is something that’s inseparable. The meals and snacks features extremely delicious Veg. and Non-Veg. dishes to suit everyone’s taste. The variety is too huge! And accompanied by the regional essences of spice and coconut, you are in for a treat if you love food!

Kerala food

There are many historically important churches and temples too. They are a must visit place if you want to dig deep into the cultural heart.

Places to visit

Thrissur – This city is literally the other name for cultural heritage of Kerala. You can enjoy the marvel of ancient architecture. Thrissur Pooram is a unique carnival, one and only of its kind. You must experience it to know the ambience.

Trivandrum – This city is the capital of Kerala. Along with it, features many significant temples in the history of Kerala.

Malabar – There are mosques and churches but the food you get here are unbeatable in terms of delicacy!

Cochin – Cochin or Kochi is a modern city where you can never fall short of neither fun nor food. There are many attractions like Naval Yards, Churches, etc.

The landscapes:

kerala paddy field

The Landscapes and Sceneries are filled with freshness of evergreen.

The climate is just perfect to enjoy. Even summers are not so hard compared to other states of India.

Nourished by the South West Monsoon winds and North East Monsoon Winds, the rivers keep running all year long and the backwaters are delighting.

There’s romance in the air everywhere!


Beautiful Kerala Monsoon

Covered by the Arabian Sea on the west, there are many finely carved beaches to spend time at.

And when the weather’s fine, you can grab a surfing board to thrill!

You can get sea food fresh and tasty in most of the beaches. Don’t miss it!

And the best part of being at a beach is the view of sunset. There’s nothing more nostalgic than watching the sun sink below the horizon.

Bekal Beach, Kasaragod – Near the Bekal Fort, this beach used to be a military stronghold in the past. The beach and the fort is something you must explore!

Varkala Beach, Trivandrum – Lying at a distance of 51 kms from the capital city, this beach is often visited by people to relax in the noon. There are instructors who can help you surf during the month of October.

Kovalam Beach, Trivandrum – Kovalam Beach is another one right along the same coastal line of the Arabian Sea. It’s pretty much the most famous beach in Kerala, being just 16 kms away from the heart of the capital city.

Other beaches:

The other famous beaches are Kannur Beaches, Marari Beach(Alleppey) and Nattika Beach(Thrissur). All of them are favorite tourist hot spots. Make sure to visit if you are near them.

Hills, Wildlife, and Waterfalls!

The Eastern side is shielded by the Western Ghats and as a result, breathtaking hills, mountains and valleys laced with entrancing waterfalls and creeks.

Beautiful Tea estates in Munnar

Most of the hills and mountains are either chiseled with green farming lands, or covered with dense forests.

Trekking is a major activity, be sure to grab your gears and enjoy the ride. Some Tour Packages features a 2 day trekking through the forest and hills along with camping.

God’s Own Country has a grandeur wildlife experience to offer to the tourists. Most of the amazing Kerala Tour Packages includes a wildlife experience. And hill stations often have a wildlife sanctuary within a few miles radius.

Places to visit:

Munnar and Thekkady – The most favorite tourist destination of Kerala, Munnar and Thekkady are both located in the heavenly district of Idukki. The district itself is full of amazing and incredible landscapes that cling onto the soul. There are few wildlife sanctuaries in the vicinity and lots of off-road adventures await you.

There are dams and lakes which sports boating during the season.

There are sanctuaries and parks such as Periyar Tiger Reserve and Eravikulam National Park in and around munnar. The boat cruise goes through a wildlife sanctuary, so you are definitely going to spot Elephants, Deer, Rare Birds, etc. Keep your cams ready to click!

Mist covered Munnar mountains

Idukki Dam, being one of the biggest in India, the lands around it is a part of the wildlife sanctuaries.

In addition to this, you can visit Munnar Hill Stations, Old CSI church, Waterfalls and also there are lots of tea & coffee plantations that are major attractions.

Athirapally Falls, Thrissur – Without any doubt, almost every tourist is recommended to visit this extravagance of nature.

Athirappally Waterfalls during monsoon

Wayanad – Without doubt, this place is an Eden on Earth. Its beauty can make you spellbound. There are wildlife parks, history monuments and mountains to enrich the experience. A must visit place that’s a definite to be included on all Kerala Tour Packages.

 Chembra Peak is one of the most exclusive trekking spots which you must visit.

Kuruvadweep is a protected river delta (considered as an Island) amidst the Kabini River which is an exotic place to pay a visit while you are in Wayanad.

Muthunga Wildlife Sanctuary is a landmark on its own, home to the native wildlife consisting of Elephants, Deer, Bison, Wild Bears and Tigers.

Muthanga Wlid life sanctuary

There’s also an ancient Lord Vishnu temple named ‘Thirunelli’ in Wayanad, which is very famous for the rituals.

Vagamon, (Idukki – Kottayam border) – Believe me when I say this place is a paradise! An enthralling landscape of hills, forests and valleys with clouds brushing past you every now and then! The temperature can go an astonishing 10°C even during a summer day!

Home to a handful of waterfalls, forests and hills, this place is a feast for eyes and mind. Romance is the ambience and if you are a daredevil who can’t resist the thrills, cool adventures awaits you.  You can go gliding, trekking or even for an off-road ride on the hillside. Just pick your niche.

Thangal Para, Motta Kunnu, Pine Forests, etc are the few key destinations you shouldn’t miss if you are in Vagamon.

Ponmudi, Trivandrum – At a distance of around 55km from the capital city of Kerala, Ponmudi is one of the best peak view points in the country.

The name ‘Ponmudi’ translates into ‘Golden Peak’ is true in all senses. The landscape is way too vibrant and charming, is sure to make to fall in love with it.



The backwaters have become the front cover of Kerala Tourism. These lagoon range around more than 900kms long connecting many lakes, rivers and estuaries; they contribute the most to the’ Kerala Experience’ expectancy, being the only of its kind in the country.

‘Kuttanad’ (Kumarakom) is a region that’s referred as the Venice of the East due to its geographical similarities.

The backwaters connect the various inland islands of many districts with the main land and hence a major mode of transportation, irrigation and tourism.

Boating is main attraction over here, ranging from ferries to air-conditioned and WiFi enabled luxury boathouses.

seafood Kerala

The food is very spicy and mouthwatering. Don’t miss it out!!

Backwater Stretches:

The backwaters stretch throughout almost all the districts, connected by canals, lakes and rivers. The backwaters are divided into three regions.

Ashtamudi Lake – It covers most areas of Kollam dist., and is the biggest lake in the state. It sports more islands than elsewhere. This is a must visit backwater if you want a full experience of the emerald green beauty of the inland islands and the tranquil water.

Vembanad Lake – This backwater range is literally the most important one in the state since it connects the North and South of the state, running through the district of Alleppey, Ernakulam and Kottayam. If you are here for tourism, you are in the most apt place! Almost all Kerala Tourism Packages and Kerala Honeymoon Packages have this on the top.

Kannur-Valiaparambu Backwaters – These connects the regions in the districts of Kasaragod and Kannur, relatively less heard of. But nonetheless, they have much to offer in terms of sceneries. If your Tourism Package includes Kannur or Kasaragod, you must take a day or a half to check out its backwaters and the tiny islands.

Historical Monuments:

Kerala have inscribed history dating back to before Christ.

There were many proficient rulers and most of the reigns had good relationship with Europe to over 2000 years according to historical records.

The trades were not only spices and tea but also included knowledge.

There are many historical monuments, forts and museums that are sure to entertain and enrich you.

Places to Visit

Bekal Fort, Kasaragod – As mentioned earlier, this fort was constructed more than 366 years ago along the coastal line of Bekal Beach. This is a must visit historical monument in the state.

Bekal Fort

Edakkal Caves, Wayanad – These are natural caves, famous for the pictorial writing in the caves and prehistoric settlement ruins, dates back to more than 8000BC, evidently the Neolithic times.

Anjuthengu Fort, Trivandrum – It’s a fort constructed in 17th century by the British East India Company. The name of the fort translates into ‘5 Coconut trees’, which seems apt with so many coconut trees around the fort!

Hill Palace Museum, Kochi – It’s the largest and one of the oldest museums in the state, constructed in the native architectural style.

Jewish Synagogue/Paradesi Synagogue, Mattanchery – Constructed in the year of 1567, this is only one working even now, of the seven Jewish synagogues constructed by the Cochin Jewish Community. Its home to many antiques and artifacts as old as 900 years.

Padmanabhapuram Palace – This palace exhibits the grandeur of the Travancore Dynasty who ruled the Southern Kerala for centuries. The place is a grand structure with imported furniture, colored windows, underground passages, ivories and antiques all dating back to early reign of the dynasty. The palace is 64km from the Trivandrum City.

Palakkad Fort/ Tipu’s Fort – Built by Haider Ali in the year of 1766, is a very old fort also known as Tipu’s Fort. Its situated right at the heart of the city of Palakkad, displaying its mighty structure and design brilliance.

 Kannur Fort/ St. Angelo Fort – On the coastal line of Arabian Sea, Kannur fort or St. Angelo Fort is still a strong standing fort from the bygone era of invaders and rulers, just 3km away from the heart of the city. It has known the likes of Portuguese, Dutch and British over the years, was constructed in the year of 1505 by Don Francesco de Almeida.

Ayurvedic Treatments

Kerala Ayurvedic treatments

Ayurveda has its roots in Kerala. It’s been a part of the tradition and home for most of the renowned sage-practitioners in the Indian History.

People Travel from all across the world to here just to rejuvenate themselves or to seek their well being.

If you are visiting Kerala by a Kerala Tour Package, you will have an Ayurvedic Massage in the list by default. If you are here all by yourself, don’t miss this out from your to-do list.

There are many Ayurvedic Clinics or Ayurvedic Centers can choose from.

With all that said,

The landscapes here are listed and compete among the best in the world.

And no wonder that the State of Kerala contributes significantly to tourism and is a major attraction in India.

Make sure you visit the State of Kerala and experience it to the fullest. It’s an experience of the lifetime.

Most of the Tour Packages such as Kerala Tour Packages and Kerala Honeymoon Packages sports the above listed locations with lots of additional facilities to keep you thrilled.


Kerala, God’s Own Country – The Land of Beauty and Wonders !!!
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