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Kakkathuruthu, a Mystic Village in Kerala You Never Knew.

Kakkathuruthu village

‘Land of Coconuts’ Kerala is that state of India which never fails to astonish us with its remarkable beauty every single time. This charmer state has been discovered with yet another gem. Kakkathuruthu is a tiny little spectacular island located in the famous backwaters of Alapuuzha district in Kerala.

It is accessorized by aquamarine emerald green water on all sides which adds to its ever youthful sprite.

Kakkathuruthu was veiled so far from most people on the globe for a long time now. This magnificent beauty is now a new travel goal for all the globe trotters.

It has being listed as one of the most stunning destinations across the world by National Geographic Magazine. NatGeo’s ‘Around the World in 24 Hours’ is an extremely prestigious photographic world tour.

According to this magazine, 6:30 pm in Kakkathuruthu is the time when this place looks extraordinarily astonishing and breathtakingly phenomenal.

Kakkathuruthu Village, Kerala

Kakkathuruthu is also sometimes known as ‘Island of Crows’. While the whole world is awing over its splendor, Kakkathuruthu is nestling comfortably in Kerala Coast divined up in its self-made paradise.

It is probably one of the greenest places to have been ever seen.

The island is canopied with coconut trees all over the place. This is just a spot on destination for people who are fond of some peace, quiet and seclusion to gain positive thoughtlessness. It probably can be the most eligible ‘writers retreat’.

The eminence of healing power of nature is not a new thing. Kakkathuruthu just redefines it in its own way.

The picturesque landscape with grooving lush of coconut does certainly induce some magic in the atmosphere.

Children enjoying in a pool near kakkathuruthu Village

The local people of Kakkathuruthu are rather simple indigenous people. They reside in small houses and carry out little fishing occupation. They worship nature in a rather extravagant manner. These local people have great deal of veneration towards the Sun.

Sunset in Kakkathuruthu is not just an ordinary phenomenon. It is in fact, welcomed with adulation and devotion.

As the sun descends into the gulf of horizon, women of this paradise head towards their respective houses in sculling boats and men light lamps.

This whole thing sounds like a five star resort artificially customized. One can only imagine the grandeur of this unadulterated idyll.

It is a matter of pride for us Indians that even a small place so dear to local people of Kerala has not only been admired but actually been vocalized by the most sort after magazine in the world.

The photographers of NatGeo magazine have captured some incredibly imposing pictures of Kakkathuruthi at the time of dusk. The time of twilight in this dream place turns the sky into dense sapphire color which eventually sprawls into a glittering starry night.


This little achievement can prove to be of great advantage to the already established eco-tourism of Kerala. It will not only benefit the state with maximized revenue generation but will most definitely also engage in extra tourist attention.

Locales with obtain more employment opportunity. Either ways, the NatGeo Expedition team was all in praise for Kakkathuruthu and they said, “If dawn is awakening and daytime illumination then twilight is transcendence, a final burst of vitality before darkness falls”.

Kakkathuruthu is connected to the mainland by ferry boats only. There are no airports. It’s peaceful like a real hermit’s hut.

This island is like one of those fancy locations we see in the romantic movies. Except maybe that this one is far fancier and far more real.


Kakkathuruthu is beautiful in its most rustic and intricate form. It deserves to stay raw and stunning like it has always been. Tarnishing its beauty to make luxury possible might eventually lead to its undoing.

This astounding asset in Kerala’s dwelling is the next level spectacle for the world to see. This low profile destination is now the most coveted location to travel.

Kakkathuruthu is a resounding nod to Kerala’s might in travel and tourism.

Kakkathuruthu, a Mystic Village in Kerala You Never Knew.
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